Lessons and repairs:
Guitar and Bass
Pedal Steel 
Drop off  location for Gourmet P A Systems


Monday – Wednesday  3pm – 8pm
Thursday – Temporarily Closed. Call for appointment.
Friday – Closed
Saturday  10am – 2pm (see you at the show!)
Sunday – Closed

Lesson Policies

Effective March 1, 2017

Tuition Rate

  • Tuition is $24 per lesson ($96 for a 4 lesson month / $120 for a 5 lesson month), lessons are prorated for students starting in the middle of the month (2 lessons = $48)
  • Tuition covers the 30 minute lessons, and make-up lessons (if needed)
  • Payment is due for the entire month, regardless of the attendance of the student.

Tuition Due Date:  Tuition is due by the first of the month.  Payment not received by the first of the month will result in a $10 late charge

Payment methods:   We only accept cash or check (made out to the teacher).

Absences & Cancellation Policies

Excused Absence:  We request that students give 24 hours notice when canceling a lesson.  We will try our best to schedule a make-up lesson, though it is not guaranteed.  The following policies apply to make-up lessons:

  • Excused absences do not earn a credit for the following month
  • A make-up lesson must be scheduled within the same month of the missed lesson or before the next regularly scheduled lesson.
  • Make-up lessons can only be scheduled for existing paying students.  They may not be scheduled after a student discontinues lessons, and cannot be transferred to siblings or other students
  • Once a make-up lesson is scheduled it cannot be rescheduled
  • Students will receive two vacation days per calendar year, where the lesson may be scheduled off and payment is not required.

Unexcused Absence:  If we receive less than 24 hours notice for a cancellation, the absence is considered unexcused.  No make-up lesson will be given and the lesson is forfeited.  This is required in order to help the teachers keep accurate records of their schedules. 

Discontinuing Lessons:  When a student wishes to discontinue lessons, or take any length of time off, we must be notified before the scheduled lesson times.  We assume that all students plan on continuing lessons into the next month unless notified otherwise in writing. Unfortunately, we also cannot hold a lesson time if it is not already paid for (e.g. if a students takes off for the summer, they must reschedule the lesson time upon return).